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I am totally new to blogging, but finally decided I may have something worth sharing. I am not into telling anyone with internet access about my personal life, but I was thinking about all the places I have been in my short life and all the trips we have taken as a family and thought that by sharing about these places I may in some way educate and inspire others to visit where we have gone or venture into new places they desire to see and experience. My husband and I have 4 children. The oldest is 7, the second one is 4 and the youngest two are 2 months old. Our 7 year old has already been to 26 states, our 4 year old has been to 25 and our 2 mo old twins have been to 3. I have travelled to 32 states, plus Canada, Scotland, England & France. Evan, my husband, has been to 34 states, plus Mexico, Canada, Scotland, England and France. Our family is committed to travel and we sacrifice in other areas of our budget so we can afford to take an extended family vacation each year as