On the road again!

Wow, I have not had time to blog for a long time. I apologize to anyone looking forward to hearing about NYC, but I will touch on our brief trips there in another blog. We are currently travelling to SC to see my husband's family and I thought it would be nice to blog about a current trip.
As I was packing last night I thought about how much easier it used to be to pack for a trip. Now, not only do I have to think about what I need, but I also have to plan for four children. It's a good thing we have a 12-passenger van because we have so many accessories with us right now.
Here's a list:
1. jogging stroller- nice to outdoor activities like a trip to the zoo
2. snap-n-go stroller- needed for restaurants and stores (car seats just snap onto lightweight frame)
3. 2 pack-n-plays
4. nebulizer & meds- just in case our oldest has something trigger his asthma
5. bottles & formula
6. nursing pillow
7. snacks
8. 2 suitcases
9. pillow, blanket & stuffed animal for oldest 2
10. homeschool materials (doing a mini-unit on Leonardo da Vinci)
11. some reading materials
12. backpack diaper bag- need a big bag for 2 babies
13. CPAP machine for hubby
14. other misc. items

Now you can see why I am so paranoid about forgetting something. Before we had the twins we forgot Malachi's nebulizer on a trip to WI and ended up at the ER because we had nothing to treat his attack. Now that is one of the top things on my packing list.

Anyway, we left from MD at 2:30 PM and travelled through the Eastern Shore, crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and stopped in Durham, NC for the night. We are over halfway, so tomorrow will be a more relaxing drive. We are staying at the Crestwood Suites. We got the room for $64 (including tax) on Orbitz and it is actually a 2 bedroom, 2 bath suite with a living area in between. It is an older hotel and shows wear, but it is clean and it is very nice to have separate sleeping areas for such a cheap price.

The twins were very good today and slept most of the trip. Malachi & Abigail spent most of the evening watching DVDs, since there's not much else to do when it is dark. They were good in the van, but took a long time to fall asleep. I am praying the room is dark enough that they will sleep in. They both have an internal alarm that wakes them at 7:00 AM no matter what time they go to bed.


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