Kansas State Capitol

The Kansas Capitol under construction in July 2010

The House Chamber

An example of the interior architecture and some of the many murals throughout the building

Some of the copper found throughout the capitol

The Native American statue at the top of the dome

 In July 2010 our family visited the state capitol of Kansas in Topeka.  It is what I consider a traditional looking capitol with the dome in the middle and wings coming off the sides.  It is an impressive building.  Each capitol has unique features and this one has a lot of copper and bronze that was used on columns, staircases and architectural accents.  Personally, I found the look very appealing and not gaudy.  There are many murals throughout the building.   Another unique feature is the old historic "cage" elevator that is still in operation.  It was installed in 1923 and the legislature resolved in 1976 to keep it maintained for historical value.  An attendant operates it for you.  

The capitol has a great website with lots of information, including a scavenger hunt and a 28 page guide you can download.  You can find it at:  http://www.kshs.org/capitol


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