Nebraska's State Capitol

Nebraska's capitol in Lincoln

A view of the top of the capitol.

The central room of the 14th Floor Observation Level is the Memorial Chamber, it is “dedicated to the forms of heroism called for in the public service and in devotion to humanity”.

The colorful doors to the Warner Chamber tell of Native American culture and life.

View from the 14th floor observation deck.  The building is 400 feet tall.
When we studied American History last year we traveled to many historical sites in America, as well as several state capitols.  I am sure many parents think a state capitol is not a place for children.  But, I disagree.  State capitols are all FREE to tour.  When you have kids, free is good!  Plus, there is always something to see in a capitol.  It usually has big rooms, high ceilings and colorful murals or pictures.  It may not have hands-on displays or high tech gadgets, but give it a chance.  You may be surprised to find that your kids don't have to have all of that to like something.  We encouraged our kids to pick their favorite capitol and to find something they liked in each one.  Nebraska's capitol was one of our favorites.  It looks like a huge fortress.  We were also able to go up to the 14th floor and look out over the city of Lincoln. 

No matter where you live, your state capitol should be a great day trip destination (maybe an overnight trip, if you live in one of our big western states) for your family.  Some have museums connected to them and there are usually people who are eager to answer questions and give your kids a little souvenir, like a map, coloring book, sticker or magnet.  We have also found people love to see little kids.  It is also a great way to teach your kids how to act in different situations.  We have taught ours to be quiet like when we are at the library, but we also give them plenty of opportunities to ask questions.  

The main thing I learned about Nebraska's state government was that it is a unicameral government.  Meaning, they do not have a senate and a house of representatives, which is bicameral, but they just have one governing body.  "The Unicameral has 49 members, called State Senators, who are elected from districts based on population. The body is non- partisan." (from their website)

Nebraska's capitol has a website with pictures and educational resources, including a scavenger hunt worksheet.  Check it out at


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