Day 18: Bowling- AMF Style

It was quite evident we needed to slow down after the hectic pace we had been keeping on this trip.  We are over half-way through, so the late nights, busy days and different eating habits is beginning to affect our attitudes and bodies.  So, we got up and relaxed at my in-laws home.  The kids were excited to play some video games, checkers with grandma and try out their new scooters on some walks around the neighborhood with their grandpa.

But, since I am not one for sitting around the house all day long, we decided to go bowling.  Our family of six went to Columbia Lanes, an AMF bowling alley, and played two games a piece for a total of $8.10.  Would you like to know how we went bowling for so little?

AMF has a wonderful summer deal.  Children 15 years and younger can bowl two games every day for free all summer long.  You just have to register them online and then print off the weekly voucher to show them.  We signed up with the AMF closest to our home in Houston, but it is good at any AMF bowling location.  Of course, the deals don't stop there.  They also have a Summer Pass for adults.  For $30, up to four adults can use the pass to play two games per day for free as well.  The only thing you have to pay for is shoe rental.  The shoe rental prices can vary, but it appears that they are $2.50 right now.  They can be close to $5.  We have purchased some bowling shoes, so we only have to rent 3 pairs now.  Thus, it cost us $8 for a couple hours of entertainment for our family of six.

Our four year old twins use the wheelchair bowling ramp.

Our oldest son bowling right-handed.  He switched to left-handed and scored over 100!
Bowling is a great TripLearning experience that might be right around the corner from you.  It's exercise.  It's indoors and air conditioned.  It encourages coordination, patience and it can reinforce math skills. 

Let me know if you take your kids bowling.  I am planning on taking them bowling more when we get back to Houston.


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