Enjoying the Journey

 "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Laozi

27 days.  20 states.  4,500+ miles.  4 kids.  2 adults.

My husband and I used to travel for ten weeks around the Eastern United States for our university.  We would drive a 12- or 15-passenger van with a trailer thousands of miles to various camps.  It was a tiring ten weeks, but when school ends and summer begins I begin to get antsy to be on the road again.  Normally we will have a trip to visit family, but this summer our trip grew into a four-week journey to try to see as many family and friends as we can.

Since moving to Houston last June, we have not journeyed far from Houston.  We have missed traveling and seeing people.  We also remembered how hot summer in Houston can be and decided it was a good time to plan our getaway.  Then one of my cousins decided to get married in WI in July and that sealed the deal. 

I started packing last Saturday, but I still ended up staying up until 3:00 AM this morning trying to make sure I had everything packed… or ready to be packed in the morning.  I get so excited about the trip that I find it hard to sleep the night before.  By the end of our seven and a half hour drive today, I was ready to get into our hotel.  

Ever since a couple bad experiences of trying to find hotel rooms in areas where everything was booked by the time we arrived, we now like to plan ahead and book our rooms before we get there.  With four kids we can risk driving around for hours looking for a suitable place to stay.  For this reason, I have fallen in love with www.kayak.com.  They compare most of the sites I used to have to compare on my own.  It gives us a great idea of what is available.  However, I am finding that it is also good to take the best deal you find and then go to that hotel's website directly and see what they will offer.  Some of them are offering lower rates than the travel sites and you aren't locked into the room, so if plans change you can cancel without a penalty.  

Well, I am excited about this adventure and can't wait to share it with you.  I hope you check back frequently to find out where we are going and what we have seen.  As I told my 7 year old tonight, "The journey can be just as fun as the destination."  

The states we will be covering this month are:

1.    Texas
2.    Arkansas
3.    Tennessee
4.    Missouri
5.    Illinois
6.    Iowa
7.    Wisconsin
8.    Indiana
9.    Ohio
10.  Pennsylvania
11.  West Virginia
12.  Virginia
13.  Maryland
14.  North Carolina
15.  South Carolina
16.  Georgia
17.  Florida
18.  Alabama
19.  Mississippi
20.  Louisiana 


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