"All The World's A Stage"

I love the performance arts.  Plays, musicals, orchestras, operas, etc.  One of my favorite things about Houston is living in a place where there are many concerts and plays to choose from.  However, since cost is always a factor for our family I was thrilled to find out about Miller Outdoor Theatre.  It is a large outdoor theatre with seats under a roof as well as plenty of space on a grassy hill. 

They have performances for children at 11 AM that are non-ticketed, movies in the evening that are non-ticketed and then other performances that are ticketed.  ALL events at Miller Outdoor Theatre are FREE.  But, for their evening performances you have to pick up free tickets (up to 4 to anyone 16 or older) the morning of the performance, sit on the hill or wait for empty seats that they open up for everyone right before the performance begins.  Parking is also free.

Besides being free you are also allowed to bring food and drinks or you can buy something at their concession stand.  They do have some rules to help make it a good experience for everyone who attends. 

Right now there are performances scheduled through the middle of November.  Check their calendar for the variety of performances that are coming up.

This is a great way to introduce children to a theater experience without having as much pressure to sit still or the expense of tickets for a whole family.  We have attended the annual Houston Shakespeare Festival for the last two summers and have been able to take our oldest children to see exceptional performances with great set design. 

The children's performances are normally smaller, but they are well-done and my children have enjoyed them and even my 3 year old twins sit nicely for the performances.  I do bring a snack and drink.  The children's events usually last an hour, but we try to get there early in case there are school or daycare groups there.

Have you been to Miller Outdoor Theatre lately?  What was your experience like?  


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