FREE Museums

Once again Houston has an amazing selection of free places to visit in the city.  There are a number of completely free museums, as well as museums with free times each week.  Here is a great list of options for adults and families:

The Elder Sister (Bouguereau)
Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Museums That Are Always Free

Specific Free Museum Times (General Admission Only)

· Buffalo Soldiers National Museum - FREE Monday 10am - 5pm
· Children’s Museum of Houston - FREE Thursday  5 - 8pm  (Excellent museum for children)
· Czech Center Museum Houston - FREE Monday 10am - 4pm
· The Health Museum - FREE Thursday 2 - 5pm  (Excellent museum for families)
· The John C. Freeman Weather Museum - FREE Thursday 12 - 4pm
· Houston Museum of Natural Science - FREE      Thursday 3 - 6pm (summer), Thursday 2 - 5pm (winter)  (Excellent choice for families)
· Museum of Fine Arts Houston - FREE Thursday   10am - 9pm  (Wonderful art collection & interesting for children)

Depending on your family and the age of your children you may want to visit some of these museums without children first.  Personally, I felt
some of the exhibits at the Contemporary Arts Museum were not appropriate for all children and could be scary for younger children.  I am
interested in visiting the Holocaust Museum, but I know that the one in Washington, D.C. is not appropriate for young children due to the
subject matter and pictures.  Be sure you check out the links and check on times before visiting.  Currently the Rice University Art Gallery is


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