The Maryland Zoo

The first zoo we visited with our Salisbury Zoo membership through the AZA reciprocal program was The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, MD.  We had paid $36 ($45 membership with a 20% off coupon) for a family membership at the Salisbury Zoo and saved $56 on admission costs at The Maryland Zoo.  Our one-year zoo membership had already paid for itself!

We were very impressed by The Maryland Zoo.  A lot of people make trips to The National Zoo in Washington, D.C., but I enjoyed the layout of this nearby zoo and appreciated the variety of animals they had on display.  We also didn't have the traffic concerns of D.C. and parking was free.

The Maryland Zoo has educational materials on their website and I printed off the Safari Exploration Sheet, attached it to a clipboard, tied a pen to the clipboard with a piece of string and each of the older kids marked the animals they found along the way.  The older kids enjoyed looking for all the animals listed on the sheet and saw many others too.

The Maryland Zoo has several great areas with nice themes:

  • Polar Bear Watch
  • Maryland Wilderness (includes the Children's Zoo)
  • African Journey
At the zoo entrance they have a prairie dog exhibit, but if you want to see the rest of the zoo, you need to walk or conserve your energy and ride the free tram.   We opted for the tram and had no problem loading our double jogging stroller on it too.

Being able to go to a zoo that has polar bears, penguins and all of the large African animals is great and The Maryland Zoo has all of those and more.  They also have a giraffe feeding station that only costs $2 per leafy branch.  Your kids can brush the African pygmy and Nubian goats in the KidZone in the Maryland Wilderness Farmyard.  And they have a scavenger hunt online for you to print off and complete together.

We really enjoyed our visit to The Maryland Zoo and my only regret is that we did not get back there one more time before we moved to Texas.  This is a very nice sized zoo with fun things for the kids as well as great animal exhibits that provide nice views of the animals. 


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