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Travel Tips: Audio Options

We love books, so listening to books and stories has been a great pastime at home and on trips.  Before our firstborn was old enough to read, he would listen to audiobooks during his daily quiet time.  Here are some great resources for listening to stories that will entertain and stimulate the imagination.      Libraries - Most libraries have online access to Overdrive where you can check out audiobooks, ebooks and even stream movies.   Storynory   - This is a site full of stories you can listen to online or easily download to a mp3 player, tablet or smartphone. - This is a huge resource for audiobooks.  You can try it for free before subscribing. Adventures in Odyssey - Focus on the Family has been recording these stories for years and continue to make new CDs. The Pond - These are stories for children that my husband even enjoys because of the humor. Amazon - You can buy CDs, mp3s and download apps for free audiobooks. LibriVox - Thi

Travel Tips: Fun Games

Playing games is a great way to pass the time on a long trip.  Here are some ideas for fun, easy games to play that don't require the use of any electronic devices. 1.  Alphabet Naming Game   This is an easy activity that my kids often do on their own and I have tried it out on other kids and adults as well with good responses.  It's really simple and requires NO supplies.  First, pick a category.  A few examples:  animals, super heroes, movies, TV shows, fictional characters, song titles and books.  Second, beginning with letter A everyone tries to think of something or someone in the category that starts with the letter A.  The goal is for everyone in the vehicle to come up with a name before we move on to the next letter.  We will help each other, especially the little ones who don't always pick for the right letter.  Third, after each person names something for the letter, we move on to the next letter and work through the entire alphabet.  Some letters are more diffi

Travel Tips: In The Car With Kids

2011 With four children ages 5 to 13, we have traveled thousands of miles over the last 13 years with children in tow.  All of our children have traveled since they were babies and have learned to enjoy the journey, for the most part.  As summer begins and families make plans to go on trips, here are some tips and tricks that have worked for our family.  Feel free to share additional tips in the comment section too! 1.  Pack plenty of snacks and drinks.   Offer small snacks frequently to keep kids from getting grumpy from hunger.  We usually mix in special treats along with healthy fruits and veggies.  We only offer water to drink.  Caffeinated beverages for children or adults can lead to more frequent bathroom breaks. 2.  Plan and bring a variety of activity choices.   As our children get older they are able to help plan and bring items that will keep them occupied.  If your children can read and don't get carsick doing that, bring books, Kindles, etc. to enjoy.  For youn

Sheldon Lake State Park

Here are some photos from a recent visit to Sheldon Lake State Park .  It is a former fish hatchery.  There are some short trails, an 82-foot observation tower with an elevator, and ponds for family fishing.  It is also FREE admission for all ages!  It's on the East side of Houston off Beltway 8.  It's a small state park that gives you a nice break from the hustle and bustle of city living.  Take a picnic lunch and go exploring. Two of the former fish hatchery ponds. A 1/2 mile trail goes past the ponds. They have restrooms and some educational areas. There's a small botanical garden. Various bones and shells were set out for the kids to inspect. Found some large leg bones! For Directions: Sheldon Lake State Park 15315 Beaumont Hwy, Houston, TX ‎