Travel Tips: Audio Options

We love books, so listening to books and stories has been a great pastime at home and on trips.  Before our firstborn was old enough to read, he would listen to audiobooks during his daily quiet time.  Here are some great resources for listening to stories that will entertain and stimulate the imagination.    

  1. Libraries - Most libraries have online access to Overdrive where you can check out audiobooks, ebooks and even stream movies.  
  2. Storynory  - This is a site full of stories you can listen to online or easily download to a mp3 player, tablet or smartphone.
  3. - This is a huge resource for audiobooks.  You can try it for free before subscribing.
  4. Adventures in Odyssey - Focus on the Family has been recording these stories for years and continue to make new CDs.
  5. The Pond - These are stories for children that my husband even enjoys because of the humor.
  6. Amazon - You can buy CDs, mp3s and download apps for free audiobooks.
  7. LibriVox - This is a site with free and paid audiobook options.  There is a LibriVox app.

We borrow many books from the library or download them for free online.  We also buy some and watch for audiobook sales.  Here are some of our personal favorite stories* that can be obtained through the sources listed above: 

  1. The Harry Potter series  - We have borrowed the CDs from libraries.  These are a favorite of our whole family.  The reader has a wonderful English accent. 
  2. A Maze of Mysteries 

    *Please note that every family and child is different regarding what material they can handle at what age.  By listening together we are able to discuss the behavior and choices of characters and point out themes and lessons.  Personally, I believe books, whether read or listened to, are interpreted based on the knowledge, experience and exposure of the reader.  So, though I will let my children listen to Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, I will not let them watch movies that interpret those books through the eyes of adults.  As a family we are okay with exposing our children to views that differ from our own and use it as a learning experience.  


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