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Susquehanna State Park (Harford County, MD)

This is a great park along the Susquehanna River near Havre de Grace, MD. There are numerous trails to give variety to your hikes. We often park near the old mill where it's free and there are bathrooms available in the bottom of the barn at the top of the hill. The trail along the river follows an old railroad track, but there are hilly trails as well that give you an opportunity to enjoy beautiful plants and trees as well as large rock groupings. There's also the occasional wildlife to come across. We recently saw a small deer that decided to follow the trail we had just walked on. We have also parked at Steppingstone Museum, but that means that you will be hiking downhill at the beginning and uphill at the end. You can find more information at Susquehanna State Park .

That Fish Place (Lancaster, PA)

Just a small portion of the fish tanks there. Though some of my family was disappointed there were no dogs, there was plenty of interesting animals to see at That Fish Place or That Pet Place in Lancaster, PA. It costs nothing to look and it was interesting to see such a variety of fish, reptiles, and rodents. Of course, my favorite part was the sting ray touch tank. I love any opportunity to pet sting rays and all of my kids finally tried this time. This visit ended up inspiring my youngest to save up for a fish of his own. The sting ray tank. One of the sting rays. Check out  That Fish Place/That Pet Plac e .