The Disappearing Taj Mahal in Atlantic City

The darkness of the Taj Mahal and the well-lit Hard Rock Cafe. The past and the future of the property.

Most of it is for sale or will be removed.

Next week all of the Taj Mahal-inspired facade will be removed.

This will soon be just a memory.

Soon the only way you will be able to see the Taj will be in old movies like The Long Kiss Goodnight, Snake Eyes, and Rounders.

Just a few of the massive chandeliers. Some are for sale for hundreds of dollars.

After being in other casinos on the Boardwalk, this empty floor felt rather post-apocalyptic.

The main floor is just part of a $500 million renovation and rebranding plan.

The back of the chairs display the iconic logo.

The gaming tables and chairs are now being sold to anyone who is willing to pay.

Even the irons are for sale.

Supposedly this will all be redone and opened by Memorial Day next year by Hard Rock International.

Another view further back of the casino floor.

We visited 2 of the hotel room floors. Floor 49 was mostly empty aside from random fake plants, plumbing fixtures, and trash.

The outdated, flashy furnishings may have played into the downfall of this hotel.

When even the curtains are for sale, it is apparent that it is all just stuff that can be yours one day and someone else's another day.
The only time I will be in a 2-story penthouse suite is when it looks like this.

The 49th-50th floor penthouse in the Taj Tower. Not one of the recently renovated penthouses on the property.

This piano sold for $5,800. It sounded great, but I am not sure how they are getting it out of here.

Lots of wallpaper was peeled off the walls revealing mold that is probably due to sitting for almost a year.

This beautiful etched glass between a bedroom and bathroom in one of the premium suites could be yours for the low price of $125.

The view from the 49th floor penthouse balcony. Being connected to the Steel Pier gave it a good location on the Boardwalk.

A view of Atlantic City off the boardwalk from a junior suite in the back of the tower.

Looking North out a window. The tall dark building is also sitting closed right now. Supposedly it is opening this year as Ten, formerly Revel.

Looking South down the Boardwalk from the 49th floor.

As soon as I saw the liquidation sale sign, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to get an inside look. Taking time in our short visit to AC to get one final glimpse of the Taj Mahal before it disappeared was worth the walk off the Boardwalk. I love exploring unique places and seeing an empty hotel and casino was a lot of fun. I also have a few items to remember it, including an alarm clock from the 33rd floor that cost me $5. It was quite an experience and I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of it through my photos. It was also a reminder that all the glitz and glamour can end. But, change is exciting. Atlantic City may hope this will help reinvigorate the tourist business. Only time will tell.


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