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Friday Deal Tip- Amusement Park Season Passes

I hate to leave people out of the loop on deals I find out about, but I also know I can't always remember to personally tell all my friends. So, I have decided to post deals on Fridays. (I have linked to most of the pages. Just click on the name to go to their website.) This Friday's deal is time-sensitive, so it takes priority. " Six Flags has 18 parks across the United States, Mexico and Canada with world-class coasters, family rides for all ages, up-close animal encounters and thrilling water parks." - from their website They are currently offering VERY good deals on their season passes. They do vary by park. Six Flags America (Baltimore/DC) has one of the best deals at $61.99/person. It also includes lots of extra benefits right now, including free admission and parking to all the other Six Flags parks. There is another Six Flags in NJ and that one has a safari area that looks similar to the safari ride at Animal Kingdom in FL. I rode my first roller