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Friday Deal Tip- Priceless Art for Free (or a penny!)

Do you like art museums? Are you intimidated by the idea of taking your kids to an art museum? Don't be. Art museums are for all ages and there are many art museums that are free, have free days, or pay-what-you-wish times. Many have a wide variety of art, so you may find pieces you love and pieces you detest in the same building. That's part of the fun! Pick your favorites and least favorites. Baltimore area residents:      We have 2 amazing art museums in Baltimore that are free!       The Walters Art Museum has a wonderful collection of ancient art, as well as European, Renaissance, Asian, and more. If you have kids that find ancient Egypt interesting, they will enjoy this museum. It has a variety of rooms and displays, so explore the various floors. They even have magnifying glasses for kids to use in some of the rooms to look at jewelry and smaller items. Walters Art Museum- Special Faberge exhibit on 1st floor       Baltimore Museum of Art is another large

Friday Deal Tip- WOW Air

In case you haven't heard of WOW air yet, I want to let you in on the secret. If you have always dreamed of flying to Europe, but haven't been able to justify the cost of a plane ticket, this might be your chance. WOW air is a discount airline similar to Southwest, Spirit, or Frontier. You have the ticket cost and then you have to pay for everything else as add-ons, from luggage to seat assignments to food. This way you can have more control over your ticket price and not pay for things you don't need. WOW air has its hub in Reykjavik, Iceland and flies to several places in Europe, the U.S., Canada, and Israel. Right now, they are also running a special spring deal of 25% off (see below for code). I heard about WOW air from a friend who used it to fly to Germany from BWI and her family was very pleased with the price and planes. My husband and I have been wanting to do something for our 20th wedding anniversary, so I was able to get round trip tickets for us to fly