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NARM - Benefits of Reciprocal Membership

Battleship New Jersey In January we purchased a membership to a local museum ( Havre de Grace Decoy Museum ) because I knew we could get the NARM reciprocal benefits . Many museums are connected to various groups like NARM or ASTC and then members are able to use their membership at one museum to get into other museums. This is how our family is able to visit lots of locations affordably. To help you see the benefits of such a membership, here is where we have gone so far and how much it would have cost: Havre de Grace Decoy Museum ($12) Delaware Museum of Natural History ($36) Battleship New Jersey ($65) Penn Museum ($44) Hagley Museum ($27) Eastern State Penitentiary ($32) These visits would have cost $216 and I didn't even take the whole family on these outings. The Association Membership at the decoy museum cost $100. We still have almost 11 months left to use this membership and have already saved over $100. I also like being able to support a local